Steps Group
Steps will work with you from the point of inquiry until the final guest departs


Founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Riyadh, Steps has achieved great success at the local level and within the Gulf countries. Its flexible and multi-faceted strategy has enabled it to keep abreast of market demands and manage the various components of the sector, which has given it the status of excellence, leadership and precedence in its field.

As a pioneer in this field, we were able to ultimately obtain the satisfaction of our customers in terms of quality, price and

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timeliness based on our relations with many competing companies in the supply of raw materials and secondary, where they were carefully selected according to the standards of capacity and efficiency, which enabled us to provide several options to meet the requirements of customers with quality High and competitive prices and completion of top projects within the specified time which reflect the satisfaction of our customers.


Our Vision

As a result of our keenness to develop our prestigious position and our endeavor to monitor the quality and accuracy standards in all fields. According to the goals of the Kingdom Vision 2030.

Our Mission

A solid foundation has been established to help us develop business to ensure good progress and protect our gains. To give the cities of the Kingdom the development

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in this sector by ensuring the outputs and positive results to be among the refineries of international cities in this area where we are based on:

1 – Leadership in the organization and processing of exhibitions and conferences and the establishment of entertainment events and festivals in accordance with the framework that takes into account the requirements and international standards.

2 – Innovation in the entertainment and tourism industry by attracting a variety of entertainment activities and programs reflecting the sophisticated tourist character.

3- Providing creative work by imparting modern technology.